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5 Steps Guide

Digital tools are not here to make teaching more difficult, nor propose teachers more work. Quite the opposite. Digital teaching and learning tools are at their best improve learning process, and make teachers work easier.

Find here shortly five steps on how to digitize your teaching-learning process with Qridi. At the end you may download more complete Guide and some references from other schools.

Step 1 - Set Objectives

Like everything in life, you only can achieve goals by setting them up first. In digitized teaching-learning process, the learning goals are set with online tools.

Step 2 - Set up Tasks

In order to achieve goals, students need tasks. Tasks are set up by teachers. Students will see the learning goal as a mountain they have to climb up. They start from the bottom, and climb up task by task.

Step 3 - Student´s Personal Profile

Each Student is an individual. We have prepared questionnaires that are answered by students. Each student get personal profile. Students, parents and teachers will have an access to visualize their personal profile.

Step 4 - Start Digitally assisted learning

Teaching & Learning with Qridi is just like it always was, but now part of the process is done with Online Tools and App. Learning process and progress is stored in digital format in real-time. Evaluation and progress monitoring becomes a part of the process rather than a one-time event every now and then.

Step 5 - Evaluation

Teacher, parents and students have all access to see progress in real-time. Evaluation meetings can still be held, but they are more efficient as you can concentrate on improvements, not in results which may even come as a surprise for parents without Qridi. Teaching and learning can be validated in real time.