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Qridi pedagogical training

Qridi is an expert in learning and assessment. We provide pedagogical training seminars and consultation for educators.

Qridi pedagogical training seminars for educators are available as lectures or as lecture + workshop combinations with the workshop focusing on designing the learning at your school with our pedagogical experts.

We are currently offering pedagogical seminars under the following headings

- The Finnish Recipe for Quality Education
- Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills
- Assessment Beyond Tests
- Joy of Learning
- STEAM Education

Are you looking for a pedagogical seminar tailored to your needs? Ask us about our tailored training programs!

Meet our educational experts

Markus Packalén

Markus has a strong background in teaching, teacher training and learning materials. His fields of interests are technology in education, STEAM and student assessment. Markus is in charge of Qridi’s pedagogical co-development projects, learning materials and pedagogical development. He helps the schools, teachers and students to fly on the wings of Qridi parrot.

Our training is available for purchase at Finland Education Shop. Click here to see more!