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What is Core & More?

Core & More Education provides pedagogical support to schools, leaders, teachers and students to ensure improved learning and increase student and teacher agency in an inquiry-based context. Through a focus on 21st Century Skills and by establishing clear and achievable success criteria through prioritization, content and assessment overload are addressed, increasing student ownership of learning and allowing more time for inquiry in a truly transdisciplinary context.

What is Qridi?

Qridi is an award-winning pedagogical tool from Finland that has the power to build student agency and ownership and help schools implement and sustain an authentic assessment culture.

Now students and teachers have access to both!


How does Core & More + Qridi support learners?

Qridi was designed as an easy-to-use tool that inspires learners to actively plan and monitor their learning. Learners become involved in each phase of the learning process with their teachers’ guidance. Learning goals are made visible, implementation is documented and learning is reflected upon. Assessments are a natural part of all activities, and the resulting trend lines clearly show the levels of progress made by learners. The learning data analytics provide an excellent point of dialogue in everyday learning.


How does Core & More + Qridi support teachers?

For the teacher, Qridi provides an excellent organisation tool, which, with the integration of content from Core & More Education, makes planning and monitoring student progress and attainment effective, efficient and manageable.


Both Core & More and Qridi allow teachers to direct their efforts according to needs and to guide and encourage learners on their individual learning paths. A common way of working and clear success criteria for all help to build an authentic and truly transdisciplinary learning and assessment culture.

How does Core & More + Qridi support school leaders and parents?

Purposeful views of learning using Core & More and Qridi also allow clear and easy monitoring of cohort progress for school leaders and individual progress for parents. 

For more information, visit: Core & More Education

About the founder of Core & More

Hello! My work and research focuses on learning in inquiry-based contexts, where I have developed expertise in designing structures to support improved learning. I am an author of the original International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), and my most recent school-based role was as the Primary School Principal at the Vienna International School.

I have taught Primary and Middle School students in US, Austrian and international schools and have been leading teachers in a variety of capacities for over 30 years.

For more information, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Christine Orkisz Lang, MEd, PhD

Core & More + Qridi

Core & More will be available as a learning module in the Qridi Library.

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