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Remote and hybrid teaching

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Exceptional teaching arrangements are sometimes required due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It must be possible to arrange the teaching of individual classes or entire schools remotely wholly or in part. Remote teaching and hybrid teaching, in particular, is stressful to the different parties and requires paying attention to a variety of things.

Where do we stand?

One of the most important things in arranging successful remote teaching is to keep up to date with various tasks and other works in progress throughout the school day. In addition to the teacher, this requirement also applies to students and their parents. Shared practises and platforms are required so that assignments, submissions and messages are not dispersed into instant messaging services, email messages, Wilma messages and various learning environments. Parents also like to know what is going on at school.

Qridi compiles the required information in one location

  • Qridi provides teachers, students and guardians with all the assignments related to remote teaching, including assignments from textbooks and digital platforms (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) on a single platform.
  • Qridi makes it possible to monitor and direct the progress and studies of students in real time, both in relation to their learning goals and well-being.
  • Qridi makes formative assessments in remote working and the documentation of performances related to summative assessments possible.
  • Qridi is a GDPR-compliant alternative to instant messaging services.
  • Qridi is suitable for teaching all the subjects and grades of basic education.

This is how Qridi’s features make remote teaching arrangements easier

Task lists allow for sharing various tasks to the students. Instructions to the tasks can be given by writing text, recording speech or an instructional video, sharing links, embedding YouTube videos or instructing the students to read a book or use digital learning material. Students can submit the assignments and evaluate their progress while the teacher monitors their progress in real time. Teachers can give students feedback about their submissions and evaluate their performance from their own perspective.

Journals allow for students to reflect on their learning. Students can add text, images, audio clips and videos to support their reflection. A journal can be a personal journal or shared among the whole class. Teachers can monitor the progress of students in real time and give them feedback. Assignments for small children can be given as an audio clip or a video.

The assessment tool allows for encouraging the students to reflect on their learning and arranging surveys related to well-being or daily life management skills during a remote teaching period. Teachers can view the answers of individual students and the group’s average through their user interface.

With the messaging feature, teachers can contact the whole group or individual students and create chat rooms for small groups. The feature allows for different parties to send messages and attach images, videos, audio clips and other files in the messages.

In addition to these, Qridi’s features include quizzes, setting goals and it offers teachers a wide variety of ready-made learning modules.

User experiences of Qridi in remote teaching

“We have now used Qridi in remote teaching for a week and we want to thank the people of Qridi! Your product is amazing and it has been tremendously valuable in these circumstances. Our teachers have made incredible learning modules with it and the excitement has been palpable among both students and teachers.”

“The journal feature was ideal for submitting remote teaching assignments and it reduced the burden on teachers when answers from everybody were shown on the same list. It was also easy to comment on the assignments in the journal. The assessment feature also deserves praise."

“Qridi has been ideal in this remote teaching setting. Qridi and Teams have met all of the remote teaching needs of our school. We are lucky that we have purchased Qridi for the students of our school.”