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Qridi in Remote Learning

How can teachers follow and monitor the individual learning processes of their students in real time during remote learning? How can a teacher or a school admin get an overall big picture of the progress the students are making while they are studying at home?

Qridi is your go-to software for solving these challenges. Qridi has been used in remote learning with great results, and therefore numerous schools and teachers use Qridi in supporting their students while schools are closed.

Why use Qridi in remote learning

• Qridi is easy to use on any device.
• Different kinds of teaching and learning materials can be linked to Qridi.
• Qridi software is available in multiple languages.
• O365 or Google SSO and data transfer APIs are available upon request.
• Qridi is a high quality tool with several international acknowledgements. Qridi will aid your progress in executing digital teaching also in the future.

How does Qridi work in remote learning?

• With the Task list tool, you can share your learning assignments to your students. Students can submit tasks and assess their progress with each task while the teacher can monitor their progress online in real time and give them feedback on their tasks.

• With the Journals tool your students can reflect on their learning. Students can add text, photos, audio or video to support their reflections. As a teacher you can follow your students’ progress in real time and give them feedback.

• With the Assessments tool you can prompt your students to reflect on their own learning during the remote learning period. You can, for instance, ask your students to assess their wellbeing or working skills. Working skills can include e.g. planning their own work and completing assignments in the given time frame.

Let me just say that even after only two days, the only students I know WHAT EXACTLY they are doing and HOW they are doing it will be the students of the QRIDI test groups; it is because of this a feedback tool and our current e-learning platform does not provide us with one.

- Teacher, Spain -

In the beginning of remote learning I started using Qridi together with two other platforms. Little by little functions that were not necessary were left out and only Qridi remained. I have never given my students so much feedback and support. Even the most quiet student has had courage to speak and express his most beautiful strengths.

- Teacher, Finland -

Now, after the first week of remote learning I want to thank Qridi. Your product is excellent and it has helped enormously in this situation. Before I did not understand its possibilities. Our teachers have created magnificent learning experiences with Qridi and both students and teachers are highly motivated.

- Principal, Finland -