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Athlete-centred coaching

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From coach-centred coaching to an athlete-centred approach

In the old coaching culture, the coach gave orders to the athlete with winning as the sole focus. This kind of coach-centred culture does not support the comprehensive development of the athlete, and it has proven to be ineffective. Modern coaching focuses on the athlete. In athlete-centred coaching, the goal is for the athlete to identify their resources and learn to use and develop them. From the coach, an athlete-centred approach requires good interaction skills and tools that allow for interaction, retaining learned experiences and the athlete’s growth into a self-directed individual together with the coach.

Qridi Sport offers coaches the tools for implementing modern and athlete-centred coaching and go back to learned experiences. Qridi’s features are designed to develop the athlete’s self-direction through self-reflection.


The athlete will be aware of upcoming events and exercise content in advance. With content linked to the events, you can involve the athlete in the coaching process in an easy and modern way.


The evaluation tool is a key part of the toolkit for athlete-centred coaching. Through self-evaluation after matches or exercises, for example, the athlete can improve their self-knowledge and develop themselves as an athlete. You can use peer evaluation to measure the functionality of the group, for example.

Measurement data

With the measurement data, both the coach and the athlete can monitor the key metrics of development, such as total exertion during training and the amount of sleep. The measurement data allows for long-term monitoring and reveals changes in training and problems in the athlete’s everyday life that may lead to injuries.

Testing as a part of long-term coaching development

Through long-term and extensive testing, the athlete can see the results of the training and learn to know the training methods suitable for them. Coaches get a picture of exercises that are suitable for the team.