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Exercise bank

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With the help of the exercise bank, a sports club can share common exercise content to be used by the coaches. Exercises can be linked to events, which makes them easily accessible to athletes, too. You can use the club’s own materials or pre-made materials for the exercise bank.

Club exercise library

You can save exercises that meet the club’s coaching policies into the club’s own library . When you organise the materials in a folder structure, finding the right exercise is easy.

The exercise library allows you to prepare training plans for a single team. The coach can link the exercises of their choice to events. For example, you can link the content or tasks of the upcoming training sessions to the team’s calendar events via Qridi. The materials will be in a safe and practical digital format: you can easily access them from anywhere.

Pre-made materials

Our partner MarsuMove is constantly preparing new high-quality physique exercise materials for Qridi. The exercise bank contains almost a thousand exercise videos. We publish hundreds of new exercise videos every year. These diverse materials are accessible to your team from €99 + VAT per year.

The materials include a broad selection of various kinds of video exercises for various areas of training. You can find diverse content for strength, speed, general skills and mobility exercises.

    Modern physique training is based on the diverse development of an athlete. In addition to basic qualities, diversity also heavily involves general skill training. Diversity increases the athlete’s ability to perceive their body and react to varying situations faster. In addition to this, diversity supports learning. The goal is for you to access the exercise library content quickly and find new inspiration for coaching.

Examples of the exercises:

Strength: functional exercises and exercises with equipment

General skills: exercises related to balance, rhythm, perception and equipment handling

Speed: jumps, leaps and exercises that improve reaction speed

Mobility: exercises that improve mobility with the help of a Foamroller

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