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Remote Coaching

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Qridi Sport in Remote Coaching

Remote coaching and self-paced training periods are becoming increasingly frequent, especially during the pandemic. In remote coaching the interaction between coaches and athletes can be challenging and athletes have to take more responsibility for their own training and development. Using digital tools can make a significant difference in the coaches’ possibilities to give the athletes a structured training experience and to ensure that the athletes continue making progress during the remote coaching periods.

The Qridi Sport mobile app is easy to use. It keeps the athletes up to date with what is going on in the team and reminds them of any new events, assessments, trainings or other activities. The app delivers training instructions created by the coach to the athletes. After completing the training session, the athlete can give feedback on the training. Athletes can also log their own trainings. Consequently, Qridi Sport paints a complete picture of each athlete’s progress. Interaction between athletes and coaches is simple and safe in Qridi Sport.

Sharing exercises with the athletes

Coaches can share training instructions with text, pictures, videos, and audio clips. After the training session, athletes can use the Qridi Sport app to reflect on their training and send media files and notes to their coach.

Monitoring training and recovery

Athletes can log their own training sessions into Qridi’s calendar. This helps monitoring the athletes’ training and recovery during remote coaching and self-paced training periods.

Strengthening daily interaction with the training journal

Athletes and coaches can use Qridi’s journal to share their thoughts about the trainings, performance, recovery, and other topics. For the coach, all journals are conveniently accessible in one place.