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Support from the sports club to the coach and the athlete

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Support from the sports club to the coach and the athlete via Qridi Sport

Moderns times challenge sports clubs to become involved in people’s everyday lives in a more comprehensive manner. The responsibilities of clubs have expanded from showcasing performance skills to developing individuals’ growth skills multidimensionally – not forgetting the joy of exercise. What kind of a club culture and experience do would we like to build? For an athlete, coaches and policies may change, but a club should still ensure equal coaching that is in line with the club’s values to everyone.

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The Qridi platform allows you to manage the club culture through knowledge and establish consistent policies. This provides all athletes with equal opportunities for comprehensive development. With Qridi Sport, the club’s values, policies and content can be realised in the everyday activities among the coaches and athletes. With Qridi, the club content, such as exercises, will not just remain in the library, but they can be actually linked to the activities and learning. The content does not only include separate exercises; instead, they form an entity that takes the athlete and the club’s overall goals into consideration. This also makes the work of the coaches easier.

Realising values and policies through evaluations

With the club’s evaluation units, it is easy to realise the club’s shared values and policies within the club’s teams. You will receive valuable feedback for the development of the club and coaching activities.

Club-level user interface and tools for sports managers

Via the separate club-level user interface, the club management will receive real-time information about how the coaches are using Qridi. The management can also create club-specific evaluation units.

Reports in the development of a club’s coaching activities

Through multifaceted reporting, the sports manager and club management can keep track of the teams’ activities and athletes’ development.

Realising club policies through content

The club can build their own material library to make the coaches’ work easier. You can also use pre-made content created by professionals. The content features are built to facilitate the comprehensive development of athletes.